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4th Sep. 2013 marked the World Hijab Day. With myriad problems facing the Muslim world, how could hijab be left unattended? #WorldHijabDay4Sep2013 was popular trend without a doubt. The tweets wide-ranging in their thoughts, taste, and ideological propensity were all voiced out quite enthusiastically. So this question came up naturally:

Some were totally defensive for it!

Muslim feminism erupted:

Of course everyone was not for the concept:
Though Hijab cannot be associated with Muslims and being moral alone – but well it is what Muslims are mainly noticed by. Not surprisingly most Muslims men chose 4th Sep. to show their utter respect for women – one wonders where is that respect on other days… *pfft*

well some may agree in their own way that it’s a right, but of different sort. :X

Some well Hilarious (Pardon me laughing at this auspicious day)

Dr. Shahid Masood’s pearls of wisdom:

Others chose the day to show that hijab isn’t all that a person needs to be pure:

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