About Us

The Laaltain is Pakistan’s first bilingual youth magazine established by Khudi Pakistan in 2011. It has since evolved into a weekly e-zine supplemented by a quarterly print edition comprised of its best articles from every quarter.

Responding to a lack of alternative journalism in Pakistan, The Laaltain seeks to amplify unorthodox voices, present critical analyses, showcase creative writing, and foster a culture of healthy debate amongst Pakistani youth. It thus seeks to bridge social and ideological divides by providing opportunities for young Pakistanis to interact with and learn from each other.

By inviting writings from a diverse array of young thinkers, The Laaltain also aims to create spaces for a critical and reflective dialogue on contemporary Pakistan. A dialogue that espouses openness, inclusivity and progressive thought.

The Laaltain’s strengths lie in the following distinctive features:

[acc title=”Bilingualism”]Incorporating content in English and Urdu has not only allowed The Laaltain to reach wider audiences within Pakistan and abroad, but has provided a unique flexibility for content to be published in the language in which it can be articulated most eloquently.
[acc title=”Youth Focus”]By keeping its central focus on the youth, The Laaltain caters to a demographic that comprises more than 60% of the population of Pakistan. A dedicated group of voluntary youth correspondents located in several cities ensure that The Laaltain continues to gather news, opinion and writings that can provide Pakistani youth with a better understanding of each other and their country.
[acc title=”Dynamic Team”]The Laaltain Team comprises of young activists who are deeply passionate about effecting positive change in Pakistan. The diversity of skills, experiences and backgrounds that they embody is an asset that the magazine benefits greatly from.
[acc title=”Editorial Board and Advisors "]Some of Pakistan’s most renowned journalists, writers and activists act as Advisors to The Laaltain, aiding its progress through their expertise. Additionally, a vibrant Editorial Board assists in all aspects of the magazine, including content collection, editing, distribution and publicity. At present the Advisors include:
[list][item icon=”fa-long-arrow-right” ]Raza Rumi[/item]
[item icon=”fa-long-arrow-right” ]Fasi Zaka[/item]
[item icon=”fa-long-arrow-right” ]Wajahat Masood[/item]
[item icon=”fa-long-arrow-right” ]Amir Hussaini[/item]
[item icon=”fa-long-arrow-right” ]Mobarak Haider[/item]
[item icon=”fa-long-arrow-right” ]Waseem Altaf[/item]

In the coming months and years, The Laaltain will strive to expand its visibility and outreach while staying true to its core values of alternative journalism. Above all, it will continue to champion the right to free debate, critical reflection and the ability to question prevailing attitudes and beliefs.

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