What is with your insecurity? Science makes you tremble with fear. I fail to see why. Your cleric has an urge to prove that the earth is stationary and the sun moves around the earth. It is 2015! Are you kidding us, seriously? It is like those philosophers and all those scientists died in vain. You are still stuck at the geocentric model of the universe! You are scared of science because it says you are nothing, you are just a random piece of land in the vast universe that has billions of galaxies, billions of planets and billions of pieces of land like yours.

The foundation of your social values is injustice and inequality even though you call yourself the preacher of Islam, the one you call the religion of peace. How is it that your sons are flogged for speaking their minds and your daughters cannot be seen breathing fresh air without a male accomplice? Why is it that the world bleeds tears for Raif and you flog him cold heartedly and even may kill him now, only for voicing his opinion?

Rape victims in your country are frequently sentenced 200 lashes, sometimes merely for being outside without a male relative. The way you see it, rape will always be woman’s fault somehow. Woman brings it upon herself even if she is covered head to toe and even if she is in skin tight jeans.

It sounds preposterous to even a Pakistani! What century do you live in? I have a few more questions:

Why are the women of your country not allowed to drive in 2015?

There is nothing worthwhile about virtue that comes from the fear of punishment. It is no virtue at all.

Why are your women locked in walls and burkaz? And your men free to rape?

Why are rape victims of your land castigated, lashed and berated on the roads?

Why is your system of justice stuck in the primitive times?

You have scared your own people with public punishments, threats and scourge. Know this! There is nothing worthwhile about virtue that comes from the fear of punishment. It is no virtue at all.

The world laughs at you. People of other religions and the non-believers ridicule your practices and deride your beliefs. You are a farce; you are a joke to them all. Your actions let them make fun of your religion. You let them laugh.

You breed extremists who kill innocent children, people and scholars. The way you interpret your religion is the primary tool in the hands of these extremists.

You, the torch-bearers of Islam, the guardians of His holy house, the conservator of His holy book and the beloved of His Holy Prophet, have failed Him. You have failed Him!

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  1. Nawaz

    Now a days this is a fashion to critcise the rules of islam.If someone has problem with someone or with any community he should criticise this person or that community.Or on the side if someone is not a muslim he has no wright to criticise islam.And if he is really lover of humanity he should criticise the western laws which per mit man can merry to man and woman can merry to woman whis is against the nature it is nothing concern with any religion.And there are many such kind of exemples in the western societies.Why these peoples are silent about them.It is my blief that such kind of peoples are not muslims they just use the names of muslims and start to abuse islam and common muslims.They should examen the injustice in the western societies and racism which we are facing here.Such kind of peoples are for sale every time even they are ready to sale thier every thing for little money.

    جواب دیں

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