Layer-411-National University (FAST) has many significant societies for promoting consciousness among students and the “Wake Up Society” is one of them, the aim of which is to manifest and elaborately discuss the controversial and obscure topics in a conducive environment, in the form of Seminars, Workshops and Talk Shows. Currently on Tuesday, November 13, the wake up society organized a Talk show conducted by Express News and Khudi Pakistan.

The topic for the debate was “Performing arts (music and dance): Vulgarity or integral to a progressive society?” The panelists included famous female politician of PML-Q Nighat orakzai and Barrister Latif Afridi who were supporting the idea that Performing arts are integral towards a progressive society. On the other hand, a renowned politician of JUI and Atta ur Rehman were defending the point that performing arts lead society towards vulgarity. The panelists, who were supporting the topic highlighted the significance of music and dance and considered it an integral part for the cultural identity of healthy societies and nations. The panelists opposing the topic stressed that entertainment is allowed in religion only if it does not lead the society towards obscenity. Anything which is against the Islamic Principles cannot be supported and followed. Some participants raised the issue that the promotion of Western music through our own media is affecting our cultural norms. The domination of western culture is basically leading society towards obscenity.

The debate lasted for two hours and an intense heat was felt on both sides with personal attacks, emotional outbursts and political arguments. Panelists faced some serious charges and questions by students. The debate was concluded with the majority opinion that performing arts is leading society towards vulgarity.

These kinds of events help to muster up the courage among students to have their say along with the intelligentsia and political class of our society.

—Written By Maqbool Elahi Jan

(Published in The Laaltain – Issue 6)

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