Pakistan has always been a patriarchal society, but the misogynist attitude is mainstreaming to the extent that it’s becoming obviously oppressive. We have evolved into a society with a looming systematic bias against women. We are often reminded of things that a man can, and a woman “can’t” do; latter is enforced rather than reminded.

A country where a 25-year-old woman is stoned to death by her family outside the Lahore High Court, in a so-called “honour” killing for marrying the man she loved, or a 17 year old female cricketer who commits suicide because her accusation of being sexually harassed by the officials of the Multan Cricket Club, is left unnoticed by the authorities, where acid has been thrown on countless faces by coward spineless men who couldn’t get their ‘way’ with her, and at such a time comes a well renowned man like Junaid Jamshed and he displays his misogynistic mindset on national television without an ounce of guilt or shame, that too, to a woman hosting the show.

On one side, he claims that his personal religious intervention wasn’t forced on his wife or mother, yet he requests all men who are listening to him, to never teach a woman how to drive because if she goes out of the house once, she will get used to it and won’t like staying in the house again!

We have evolved into a society with a looming systematic bias against women.

Does he have some screws loosened up there in his head? Or is he just being a plain hypocrite? The singer turned mullah and a former metrosexual symbol is forcing his misogynist mindset in the later guilt-ridden, born-again-Muslim stage of his life.

There are numerous women struggling in our country. Wives, daughters, mothers, sisters who have lost male figures in their lives, and they have no option other than to become the man of the house and deal with any pressure that comes their way. Hasn’t he seen any single mother raising her children on her own? Or should a woman bury herself along with her husband or even if any other male member of her house dies? How can Junaid Jamshed, who many believe is a very ‘moderate’ Muslim, claim this to be a hypothetical statement when such a question is thrown his way?

And even if this isn’t the case, even if no woman ‘has’ to fend for herself, why is it necessary that a man dictate her on how to live her life? Can’t she go out when she wants to for whatsoever reason? Why some men want to be controlling and dominating? Why such insecurity?

Coming back to religion, what sort of a religion does Junaid Jamshed follow? He talks excessively about the Prophet (PBUH) & his wives yet he forgets Hazrat Khadija (RA) who was a successful merchant and it is said that Hazrat Khadija (RA)’s trade caravan equaled the caravans of all other traders of the Quraish put together. Our beloved Prophet (PBUH) loved her the most. Was he wrong in marrying and loving an independent & successful merchant?

Isn’t this example enough for Junaid to understand what stature women had for the Prophet (PBUH)? How can he ask men to keep their women inside their houses as it’s in a women’s nature to go outside more and exhibit herself!

Yes, that’s what the latter part of his interview on Nida Yasir’s morning show says. That a man wants to stay in the house more, whereas it’s natural for a woman to expose herself and venture outside!

This perhaps is the most abstruse statement I have ever come across.

If we put religion aside here, why does a man think he’s in charge of a woman? Why does pretentious men like Junaid Jamshed think that this is a man’s world only and a woman should be under his wing all the time? The world is rapidly changing. Women have become equal to men in all fields of life.

In our society unfortunately, when a daughter is born, from day one her mind is infused by thoughts of her being less than a man. She grows up with an exceedingly closeted mindset and as she’s told repeatedly the things she can’t do, because that’s a “man’s” job. Then she ends up having not enough confidence to handle calamities if they come her way.

If we put religion aside here, why does a man think he’s in charge of a woman? Why does pretentious men like Junaid Jamshed think that this is a man’s world only and a woman should be under his wing all the time?

Blessed are those daughters, whose parents, especially fathers made sure their daughter is able to handle everything, from paying bills, to changing a light bulb, to fixing a flat tyre.
Life is unpredictable. Not only a man, but also a woman should be well equipped to cope with all the tests and trials that come her way. Though it’s a very unrecognized term in Pakistan, but we all are born with equal ‘human rights’, be it a man or a woman, we are all entitled to live the way we wish to. This obsession with dictatorship and domination by men has to end.

I’ve come across a couple of angered responses by men over this particular video as well, which is a great solace to know that even men find Junaid Jamshed’s views about women rubbish. I also hope that men having some religious fervor don’t start locking up their wives, sisters, daughters & mothers at home considering the ‘self proclaimed’ religious scholar’s claim, as true and holy.

May sense prevail in this withering country of mine!

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    For one, you’ve taken a statement and quoted it completely out of context to fulfill your insatiable needs of blaming men for everything. The statement itself is a pun and is not intended to harm anyone. The fact that you cannot take a joke from a male shows that you are gender biased. The fact that you are taking your anger out on men shows that you were mistreated by your husband or a male companion during your teen years. Please let this stuff go, since it was probably not aimed for the likes of you.
    You are indeed so mature, using baseless accusations to hide your hate for men, which you obviously couldn’t.
    Men are not misogynists, especially those who have found religion during their ending middle age years, rather, Islam teaches them to respect them based entirely on their character and not because of how they look. You could have taken the moral high ground, but no, your kind has ruined everything by propagating this false image that all religious men are misogynists and women haters.
    See how it feels when somebody uses baseless accusations to mock you?
    Your brother in Islam

    جواب دیں
    • iman fatima

      i truely agree. it seems that via this statements writer is trying to release her frustration. is she out of her mind. it seems she doesnt have mind to understand anything. she is misleading others as well

      جواب دیں
      • jaweria

        I totally agree with you Fatima, she’s taking out some frustration and giving a very narrow minded misleading sort of an article, why are we people all the time pointing out these people who are trying to guide us and taking the word mullah as a mockery whereas we ourselves are not very perfect version of Muslims. True that Islam has given a great right and status to women but em sure we have also clearly read this in hadis that women going out with no particular reasons is not given much favouratism.

      • Superman

        Very well put…..the writer is indeed misguided n needs to accept the ground reality that most women in general, irrespective of their religion, are bad driver’s

    • Maryam

      ppl ve n still r molding Islam as to their own liking!! dear writer kindly study the subject before you write about it!! no one is forcing you to follow Islam likewise kindly do not spread false rumor!!!!!

      جواب دیں
    • heisenberg

      I agree to what is said. Just a statement is not something you can nag about all your life. Being an independent woman and not being in Pakistan shows how frustrated you are of your country approach.
      Everyday we come across numerous of example of women reaching unreachable heights and people appreciate that. You can quote that too if the approach is optimistic. Benazir Bhutto, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Sharma Zehra, Roshaneh Zafar are just to name the few. but instead you give few examples which depicts a negative picture just to make your article strong and worth reading. I am sorry my friend but the effort were made in the pessimistic direction.
      As you quoted the acid victims, you could had mentioned the Saving Face which was produced also by a WOMAN of PAKISTAN to help the victims.
      Hope your approach shifts directions

      جواب دیں
    • Muhammad Ali Abid

      Very well "Exposed” the westernized-or to escape the quoting out of context trap-‘anti islamic’ stained mind. Had she better understanding of how male and female are different to each other and their own strengths and weaknesses that gives them power in their own sphere of life, the comment of JJ had never caused such upheaval. well the next writing topic: ” why men dont wear sarihs?” why women have to wear lipstick to look attractive? why women scores low in stress management according to Harvard business review survey(yes, that world most top prestigious university?

      جواب دیں
    • Sarwat

      with reference to "The fact that you cannot take a joke from a male shows that you are gender biased.”, Junaid was not joking on the show, he was damn serious….and showing greatly irresponsible by misleading muslim men as many people do see him as a lantern….

      جواب دیں
    • Babar

      i agree, this writer took his statement, created a completely different picture around it in a totally absurd context and released all her inner frustration.

      what a pathetic peace of hypocrite you yourself would be Writer ? :/

      جواب دیں
    • Zubaida

      Awesome response. I think the author has psychological issues, and was looking for an opportunity to jump on the opportunity to vent out here frustration. If i was her mother or sister, i would have taken her to a psychologist for immediate treatment.

      جواب دیں
    • Hope

      I think your reaction is a little immature too, Mr. Naqvi. Clearly u are stating what you believe, and I am glad that you are aware of the teachings of Islam. Likewise, Aima has also poured her thoughts into the article. Its true that most men are not misogynists. But still there resides many men who treat women in ways I feel ashamed to describe. There is less gender discrimination now. BUT never in my life have I heard that a MAN was attacked by an acid, or a MAN committing suicide because no authority bothered putting his adulterers behind the bars. Do u know that there are numerous harassment cases on the bridges of Punjab University? every girl feels current running down her spine at the thought of crossing those bridges alone. Men and boys sit there, looking for targets for verbal or other forms of abuse. Thats just one example. There are thousands of incidents of this sort which happen almost daily.
      I agree that JJ might have said those statements in humor. But if religious personalities or celebrities with such huge fan following start making such irresponsible statements on media, then one can do nothing but condemn. and thats what Aima has done.

      جواب دیں
      • I LOVE WOMEN! -.-

        Well put. BUT I do not see JJ raping or pillaging women. It was just a statement. How many times have women called men jerks? Do you see us bitching about it?
        If she was offended she should have asked for an official apology. Instead, she lashed out against him and pictured him a forerunner of every rapist and misogynist out there. This looks more like a smear campaign. She should have handled this like a mature person.
        Yes there are worst cases of women being treated badly in this country. Wouldn’t it do more good by condemning those acts of violence and lashing out against them? But no, she lashed out against a public personality literally smearing every bearded male in this country under the misogynistic catagory. Yes JJ was wrong. How many times have women said that men are incapable of raising their kids? That to me seems like a gender biased statement too. Everybody makes mistakes, JJ is no different. She should have contacted him and requested a formal apology, but badnaming others is a hot trend here.
        How many men has this article stopped from raping innocent women? How many acid throwers has it thrown under the bus? How many powerful people has this article targeted or highlighted who have kept cases like the mukhtara mai one suppressed? None.
        Stop wasting your vocabulary over petty fights and do somethingt that’s substantial. Just a thought.

      • Hope

        Correct me if I am wrong but I dont remember reading anything about JJ raping women anywhere in this article. I agree that we should not declare all men as misogynists in one go (as Aima sort of did), but if you read the whole article with a neutral mindset, you ll confess that most of the issues still prevail in Pakistani society.
        From what you told about ur family background, I derive that you belong to an educated family. trust me when I say, you ll be held even more responsible for everything u say or comment on then any other bearded person from suburbs or slums. Do u know why? because education teaches one the art of speaking. What JJ did wrong was that he made wrong choice of words on electronic media where thousands of Pakistanis of different mindsets and backgrounds are listening (and interpreting).

        Aima should have asked for a public apology, yes! but we cannot criticize on her way of expressing anguish. U and I both agree that writing is indeed a Powerful tool of expression. I believe it is the first and most rudimentary step towards doing something substantial. Because many cant go out in public and stop the wrongdoings. but one can always use his writing to instill something positive. just like Allama Iqbal did. However, I do respect your opinion too.

  2. Henna

    Aima spot on! People are finding the excuse that this is joke, LOL at them because they want JJ to get away without criticism. Joke is the observation of those commentators like this person here by the title I LOVE WOMEN, who dont even have the courage of using their real name.

    Aima you are a brave writer and I totally agree with your opinions. JJ is a man from a privileged class and how would he know why women like us step out of the house: to work, to earn, to do something we like to do. But as they say its a man’s world, so they will continue to talk crap like this… best is leave them with their conservative mentality!

    جواب دیں

      She has practically twisted his statement into something that it obviously isn’t.
      Like minded people? My mother is a working class woman. My younger sister is a dentist. What angers me is the fact that she has accused all bearded men of entailing hypocratic values. Do you call that unbiased journalism? Do great writers resort to namecalling? She has called him a jerk rather than take him up on this statement and ask for an apology.
      Pakistan is a country where women are given equal rights. Don’t say that everything is crap. It speaks of your immaturity. If you too have faced cruelty at the hands of men, I apologize on behalf of my kind. Misogyny? There should be a word to describe the hate of men.

      جواب دیں
      • Sonia

        Would love to know how she has "twisted” a statement coming right out of the horses(no pun intended) mouth on public tv??? ….maybe you didnt read the article properly? The author is SPOT on! This is a very well written article. Plz go on youtube and research junaids tv show and then reply…or maybe you should research islam a bit too while ure at it!!!


      I thought my name would create a comedic vibe which you obviously do not understand.
      My name is Musa Naqvi. There you go.

      جواب دیں

      Get away with criticism? I reiterate, it was a joke. Aima is the one who has criticised the guy baselessly.
      I never thought I’d be called a coward for using a name I thought would create a comedic vibe. So mature of you. The fact that you’ve also resorted to namecalling baselessly, shows how immature and shorttempered you really are. I could have called you and her an idiot, but I haven’t, because it would only show how idiotic I myself am.
      I am a military professional. Half of my coursemates are female officers and we bearded men have no problem with that.
      My name is Musa Naqvi. There you go.

      جواب دیں
      • Saqib

        If i happen to be a Naqvi these days, I must be pretty pissed off seeing some bearded (especially the JJ-Designer Brand) boy following my car. Stereotypes….. Huh! You know what I mean!

    • I LOVE WOMEN! -.-

      Never thought I’d be called a coward based on the fact that I used a title which I thought be a joke. I am a military professional. Half of my coursemates are female officers and we bearded men have no problem with them. Again, it was a joke. JJ is an acquaintance and the fact that he lets his wife drive shows how misogynistic he really is. The fact that you’ve also resorted to namecalling shows how immature you really are. It happens when you do not have any more reasonable arguments to support your claim. Conservative minded people? Haha. I do not have a problen with aima raising her voice against cruelty. I have a problem with her stereotyping all men into women haters. Pakistan has laws that protect women. The fact that I salute my senior female officers is a proof of that. My name is Musa Naqvi. There you have it.

      جواب دیں
    • Maham

      Henna, I am a women, and when I read articles about such stuff or hear people commenting, why don’t people quote atheists or followers of other religion? Why do they always quote Mullahs and Maulvis (I’m certainly not defending those who are hypocrites) showing Islam as a conservative religion (justifying that Islam doesn’t allow this or that but mullahs show it to be and stuff) just makes it more obvious, seriously it is liberal crap and nothing else, why don’t you guys say anything against the women or men exposing too much and spreading vulgarity? Isn’t it a right of women and men to be modest or be in their limits? There are many points that can be raised regarding the rights of women, not just cliché ones you liberals bring up.

      جواب دیں
      • Sal

        ‘JJ is an acquaintance and the fact that he lets his wife drive shows how misogynistic he really is. ‘ The fact that you believe he rightfully has the authority on whether his wife should drive or not is EXACTLY what this article is about!!! The fact is that it is not about right or wrong as per one’s own understanding as an equal human being but about what a MAN thinks is right and wrong for the women in his life and for himself. The author has not besmirched islam in ANYWAY infact she has clearly stated that she hopes people will not follow a self-claimed religious person but instead seek to understand islam themselves because clearly it isnt islam that is the problem, it is all the sorry women and men over here who have been unable to understand what human rights really entail. Really the brunt of the blame lies not just with men but with women, who refuse to accept their own kind as equals. This article is about only one thing and commenting on it saying ‘oh but why isnt also about this or that’ is so extremely childish and immature it saddens me.

        May sense prevail in this withering country of mine!

  3. tauqir

    dear before u criticize u must have a good knowledge of the things, Hazrat Khadija (R.A) was not a muslim before marriage and even Prophethood was bestowed after marriage , after a period of time on The Hazrat Muhammad (SAAW). and keep it in mind Islam and Islamic orders were delivered step by step to Hazrat Muhammad (SAAW) through "wahi”. There was a time even , wine was not haram. but when Allah’s order came. from that day it became Haram. So plz dnt criticize on people if they are delivering Allah’s message to u.

    جواب دیں
    • Saadat Hassan Babar

      exactly!!thts wot i wox going to say.. well said.. jaxakallaah n orderx for women to stay inside n about pardah had been given later on.. n allaah has given superiority to men over women.. for pardah refrencex are in Surah e Ehxaab.. n fo second one do see Surah e Nisa’ . . Jo krna hy beshak kro.. pr apne paas se uss ko deen mein mat ghusao or na be sar o paa shike’n maxhab se pakar k apni ghalat bato’n k difa mein kro.. i personally dnt like the guy whom u did respond. but jo cheexe’n deen mei’n waaxeh hen unn pe apne intellect ko apne paas e rakho khatoon.

      جواب دیں
      • Hate idiots

        Have u been observing ur part of the hijab? Do u lower your gaze when non mehram women pass you by, what about refraining from watching bollywood,hollywood acteresses, anchorpersons,and all women ln tv in general….dont forget Allah has commanded man to observe his hijab before women…. Apne ghiraban mein jhaanko and then critisize the opposite gender… do what Allah has commanded for you

      • islam

        Dear you better study the battle of Camel again she Bibi Aisha r.a did not went out with out mehram

      • bushra

        Who was her mehram in battle of camel ?? Her brother was with the army sof hazrat ali..she went with her brother in laws!!

  4. Shahzad Qadri

    Totally out of context and misleading article.
    Please study Islam before you start critising men and JJ in particular. ..

    جواب دیں
  5. Salman Rashid

    Well done, Aima! Sane people in Pakistan do realise that the bearded idiot in question has completely lost his marbles. His metrosexual promiscuity of past years has ridden him with guilt. His soul is dead. And he is rabid to boot.
    I think we sane people should simply learn to disregard these rabid outpourings. For this reason alone I NEVER watch Paki TV. I suggest the same for everyone else.

    جواب دیں
  6. Kashif M. Khan

    Dear All,
    First of all if JJ meant it as a joke & it created a controversy then he should write a public apology. End of story!
    Women are not man’s possession or property. As he is responsible for his deeds, he is responsible for his responsibilities. Full stop!
    We need to understand & respect anyone’s opinion whether right or wrong and that’s how tolerance in society will evolve. JJ believed in something he had the courage to speak it out on air. Good for him.
    Aima believed in something she used this platform. Well done.
    This is healthy beginning. Humanity has to evolve and we all eventually have to realise that ultimately we all will pass over. Though, I need to appreciate that everyone has kept their cool and used a language that’s respectful yet marked their impression.
    Live a fulfilling life.

    جواب دیں
  7. Syed Haris Afzal

    Dear Aima,

    For the part about men, I believe you are right but for Junaid Jamshed I believe you are wrong. From the article it looks like you have seen a lot of TV lately, just go and ask Junaid Jamshed about his perception of women rather than judging his personality. I have personally seen Junaid Jamshed being driven to the airport by his wife in a white honda civic.


    Haris Afzal

    جواب دیں
    • S. Waqas

      You bring up an interesting point:
      1. If his wife drives, then he lied on the show that she cannot drive
      2. If that was not his wife, what was he doing being driven by a non-mehram?

      جواب دیں
  8. Kanwal

    I think this article raises a very valid issue. The mainstream media is not only propagating stereotype female images but also misogynistic male views. The response in form of comments here is an evidence how much resistance the society has created against any woman who raises her voice. Raising a voice against female verbal violence automatically makes the writer a (well deserving ) abused wife or an American agent.This attack usually makes women resort to submission.

    جواب دیں
  9. Kanwal

    This article raises a very valid issue that main stream media is not only reinforcing the popular Zia mentality stereotype but but also openly propagating misogynistic views. If u have a look at the comments to this article one find out how much resentment there is against any women who raises a voice against this. Speaking against this verbal violence makes automatically makes her ( a well deserved) abused wife or an America agent. No wonder most women resort acceptance of all the crap we are being fed.

    جواب دیں

      Throwing a joke is misogyny? Woah!
      Again, we have no issue with raising voices against cruelty. We have a problen with namecalling and accusations which are baseless. She calls every bearded man a misogynist. Does she have any proof of that? Does the fact that JJ lets her wife drive makes him a misogynist? Please read the comments. They do not suppress her right of speaking up. They call her on her baseless accusations.

      جواب دیں
  10. Umair

    Geniuses like you who can use internet, write blogs and YET, quote "Islamic principles” from lives of Sahabah and the Prophet SAW from the period when Islam wasn’t even revealed to these great people deserve the fire you are burning in, I mean jo…aap ki hati hui hai naa … you deserve it.

    جواب دیں
  11. Umair

    Geniuses like you who can quote "Islamic principles” from periods where Islam wasn’t even Reveled to these great people, deserve to burn in the fire of hatred you carry inside you, I mean jo aap ki hati rehti ho gi naa, wo aap ki saza hai

    جواب دیں
  12. Saad Ali

    @Aima – You just insulted another Muslim on a public forum, is that allowed in your version of Islam?

    Catch 22 my friend.

    جواب دیں
  13. Shoaib

    Biased and wrong. First get yourself on the right path before criticizing others. You are just talking about women’s right just like a modern society of USA, UK or Turkey. As for women, it isn’t wrong Islamically to prevent them from leaving him alone (as the law in Saudia), as the mahram rule applies. Secondly, Hazrat Khadija (RA) didn’t leave her house for business, but controlled the business from her home. And let her "slave” incharge for the caravans, who she did not had to do pardah with (even though it was the time before islam, she did it right). Even if she left, stop comparing today’s women with her, because I know she did it right, as she was pure.

    P.S: no such thing as moderate Muslim. There’s just one Islam that has to be followed. There are just: bad, barely, not bad, good, very good, excellent, almost perfect muslims.

    جواب دیں
  14. hkhan

    DISCLAIMER: Not a J.J fan. And I don’t agree with what Junaid Jamshed said about driving and all. It wasn’t based on a hadith/ or a verse of Quran rather his own personal observation/experience of a friend who according to him had a divorce because the husband wasn’t there for his wife. Now listen few of my observations,

    a) J.J is NOT an official ambassador of Islam. But he’s as much of an Ambassador of it, as we all, as Muslims are.
    b) it’s quite proven that he stood next to his "bay-pardah” *air quotes* wife while flaunting his long flowing hypocritical beard, totally unembarrassed, – because may be he believes in growing on his wife intellectually not ENFORCING/dragging them into practicing Islam. Watch his interview: Aik Din Geo Kay Saath.
    c) Only Allah can judge, just because he’s different than most of the people like the writer of this article and criticizes a life that he once thrived in, doesn’t make him a hypocrite. It makes those people hypocrite who wouldn’t dare objecting on celebrities and are are all too broad-minded until that celebrity is like them, never find anything to criticize or write off against them, but lo and behold when the same person who is a frail human being and is subject to fallibility chooses to change sides, they’re against him. J.J has been doing a lot of charity work. Look up, that side. Nobody is stopping you or anyone else from driving.
    d) whatever you’re basing on Islam that’s changed about him isn’t based on Islam, rather on his personal perception and culture. Read about Umhat-ul-Mumineen, eg: Hazrat Ayesha r.a she was a scholar, she used to teach religion to men of her time, waged a war where she was in command. So yeah. OPEN UP YOUR MIND. LEAVE HYPOCRISY and JUDGEMENT BEHIND.

    جواب دیں
  15. umar

    i cant see y u had to use BEARD in all of this ..
    if you think clean shaven men are not misogynist , good luck to you.

    ok so you walk out without a headgear or a niqab hang out with you male colleagues and grab a coffee or two and then go to your man and tell him that you were with such and suxh and he is fine withit ,i recommend checking his balls ,coz he’s no man.
    secondly, women are not equal to men in all prospects, this is not me saying men have been giving an additional point over them so that they coyud guard them. yea they should contribute to the society by getting education and proper upbringing of the kids , problem with you is that you havnt read quran yet with translation.
    and do not quote islamic figures like amma khadijah aliha asaalm . what do you even know about her she used to cover her self and was a chaste women.

    university girls in pakistan nowadays mashallah. they drive and most of them get laid in the college and have extramarital relationships why is that happening in our society i have hardly come across a girl without a boy friend or a man without a girl friend because of deviation from islam..
    cover your self first than talk about islam ..

    prophet muhammad sal allah alihi wasalam conpared women to a crooked bone that if left crooked is bad but if forced too much to be straigtned it breaks . wr have to teach them by teaching ourselves first.

    and i dont mind if jj dont like women to drive in his opinion .
    or if there are proper parda intezaam a women is fully covered with a naqab then she can drive no problem which will minimise fitnah .

    saydna umer used to dislike it even if his wife went to masjid even it was allowed because of fitnah it is better for women to pray athome but if they want to go to masjid donot stop them(this was the command of rasool allah sal allah alihi wasalam ) thats y he didnt stop her but when the wufe find out that sydna umar radi allah anhu dont like this she starting praying indoors. his wife would scold him shout at him even but he used to listen. people were like a man with such power dont speak up to his wife he educated them and said she is my companion she takes care of me and my children cooks for me saves me from fornication and if she is angry i can atleast be quiet .. subhan allah …
    and yea sydna umer had a beautiful beard you sterotyping women

    جواب دیں
  16. Faraz

    ahhh .. another .. woman ..facing .. problem of inferiorty complex.. : / //like most of woman . well what to say .. Allah hi khair karay ..

    جواب دیں
  17. vajeehs

    I think you need to read and learn more. You are just short of Islamic knowledge. Read Quran and you will understand Junaid Jamshed’s words. Islam gives protection and respect to women , ALL the calamaties and problems women are facing today just because they are not following islam. Hazrat Khadija Radi Allaho Anh used to work before her marriage to Rasoolullah Sallallaho Aleihi wassallam , and before the advent of Islam , she never worked after her marriage, she died of hunger and she used to look after her children alone while his husband was always away from home . May Allah guide us all on the right path. Our hearts are full of anger and jelousness it is our habit to pinoint others and never bother to rectify ourselves.

    جواب دیں
  18. Khizer

    Sparking hate is easy; in fact it is in our nature. The question is, what are WE doing for Islam. If we choose to pick our pen or use our tongues to lash out at others before asking ourselves the question as to what we have done to educate ourselves about our beautiful religion and to spread the word, then its a real shame.

    جواب دیں
  19. Khizer

    Mr. Junaid Jamshed, your islam is hypothetical. Feel free to express your personal views but Khuda kay wastay, do not present these as The Teachings of Islam.

    جواب دیں
  20. noor

    This lady aims seems to hv lost it!
    she needs to study Islam first and then pinpoint an individual from the lot!

    I agree with "I LOVE WOMEN”. I’m a working woman n do drive as well. Aima needs to dive in to the subject of women in Islam n then be judgmental on some one’s personal statement before bringing her stigmatic piece of writing to a group of learned individuals!

    جواب دیں
  21. omar seljouk

    I spend almost an hour reading through all comments. The writer needs to have first hand detailed knowledge about Islam on the subject and then may consider writing on the subject leave alone commenting about JJ.

    جواب دیں
    • Farzand

      what knowledge? please share. All of you are saying writer doesn’t know Islam, but none of you can show where is she is missing islam about control of women, what are the instructions in Quran about women regarding driving or working to feed her family?

      جواب دیں
  22. Umer

    Please friends dont create argument after argument after argument..

    Dear writer of the blog, please quote the lives of Sahabah and sahabiyat correctly, Amma Khadija (RA) used to do trading with the help of her nephews who used to market/trade the commodities which belonged to her. She never used to go up to people and trade stuff just like trend of today. Please DONT misquote. First acquire full knowledge of Islamic events then quote them.

    Assalam o alaikum

    جواب دیں
  23. jaweria

    I would add to the last person posting here…that the writer definitely needs to put the aggressive writing behind, we are no one and nothing to judge people but ourselves, and secondly as a mature writer one should be quite acknowledged about his writings!!

    جواب دیں
  24. moosa

    Everyone has so much time on at their hands to talk about everyone else on TV and at this blog. Why can’t we just mind our business and improve ourselves.

    جواب دیں
  25. Shaharyar

    Guys and Girls, the article may be a bit off course, but the idea is right. We should understand that men have been misguided by so-called Maulanas and its about time that the mentality to be changed. People will say that since I live in Canada I am talking like that but over here every one is human first and that is the best thing. I work for department of human rights and diversity, where I was told to design uniform for Muslim women. I asked whether we have enough Muslim women to take all that pain and I was told that even if we have one women asking to be dressed as per Islam we have to oblige her. Can anyone tell me why in this Western country more Islamic rules in regards to human rights are followed? And now compare it with ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN.

    جواب دیں
  26. Shazia baloch

    I don’t understand why we judge others specially with religion . This is not what our religion taught us .

    جواب دیں
  27. Usman Shahid

    I see your point but your manner of presentation is very subjective. You are using a statement by someone out of context in a way that he may never have intended to, to further a cause that he may have never meant to. Its just your perception of what he said.

    جواب دیں
  28. sanakhan

    dear,first of all u need to understand islam nd the teachings of our HOLY PROPHET(S.A.w)as for muslim women its no where mentioned in QURAn that muslims women r free to go outside whenever they want,nd they r free to drive cars go to the markets and so on.A muslim woman can go out in case of extreme need only,nd without mahram its forbidden for a woman to go outside.So plz dont call people like jj mysaginist.

    جواب دیں
  29. zHs

    Aima Yusaf Jamal, this article really reflects what your family causes trouble for you to become what you are right now. Junaid’s opinion was not for those who lost their male family members. Be positive and don’t relate everything with religion. We already having hate in our society, try to play a part to spread love (although it is a bit difficulty to do)

    جواب دیں
  30. ina

    I think in pakistan people take everything into extreme . lack of understanding of islam, those who have little knowledge of islam now preaches , those who have knowledge of islam now is abuse . i think the writer , Junaid and everyone should take time to understand sunnah of Rasulallah SAW. and Hadiths. lets us look down at ourself and see , are we already a good muslim!!!! Have we respected our sister , brother aunty , uncle , mother , father properly. When many within family still fight like cats and dogs, yet we abuse the mullah for a comment we feel un proper. lack of education – lack of understanding of islam.

    جواب دیں
  31. rafia javed

    kafi izzat afzai ho gae ha writer ki;-)thats y it is said that think before u speak miss Aima there is no such thing as moderate islam or extremist’s islam "ISLAM IS ISLAM” whether u like it or not….. n those who hv studied authentic Islam they know very well what is the status of a women in islam it need not to b justified from ur point of u or any men out there whether its JJ or anyone else….

    جواب دیں
  32. maz

    She is just taking out her anger here for no reason.
    .the writer is indeed misguided n needs to accept the ground reality that most women in general, irrespective of their religion, are bad driver’s

    جواب دیں
  33. Farzand

    Everyone who is taking cheap shots at this writer have one thing in common, they are cowards, hiding behind religion and they cannot even come up with counter argument . So every time one of you accuse the writer that ” she doesn’t know Islam”, please do tell us what do you know about Islam where JJ’s comments are justified.

    So Islam got strict instructions about Women, where does it say she cannot drive, where does it says she cannot go out and work to feed her family?

    If you cannot come up with a counter argument, your comments are nothing but personal attack and have zero credibility. Go ahead and give it a try.

    Unless you can prove that women shouldn’t drive and Islam prohibits women from driving, working, getting education and so forth, then you just need to go stop embarrassing your self and giving Islam a bad name.


    جواب دیں
  34. noor wali khan

    Well i want to remind people of what our religion says… women can be a fitna and they need to be controlled a bit by the men responsible… no one wear hijab and what not so lets not get into religion because if they knew how tough islam can be on women who love to wear sleeveless and tight shirts today then there won’t be a need for such hateful articles… men are pathetic when they go overboard and make them prisoners in their homes… but what about the women like hazrat fatima who said to hazrat ali that to have my janaza at night so a na mahram won’t looks at my dead body… what about the hadith that says that women cannot marry without the permission of their wali(the man responsible for her)… women want to be men nowadays and that is the sign of the judgement day as well.. what he said is not going to happen today but it is not wrong in our religion… he is responsible for the sanctity of his wife and he is allowed to do such things… a woman’s place is at home if they have someone earning for them… that is what islam says… hateful speech against "bearded” men and this feminist dajjali crap is not going to get you anywhere in your life and this hateful misery will haunt you forever…

    جواب دیں
  35. Muhammad Ahmad

    Be very clear about one thing. Islam is a very easy to follow spiritually, but practical, everyday Islam is not a piece of cake. Islam does NOT allow you to leave a display picture at the bottom of your impassioned blog post with you hair a-flutter in the wind. Yes, Islam has given women their freedom but in context. You’re saying men and women are totally equal in today’s world, but that’s not true! Whether the 1 bajillion new feminist converts in this digital age like it or not, that’s simply not true. Men have their own set of strengths and weakness while women have their own. This means that men are more suited to certain tasks and women, too, are naturally suited to certain tasks. These tasks are not set in stone nor are they mutually exclusive but to come out and brazenly state that both genders are equal in mind, body, spirit etc. is a fairly idiotic thing to say. Case in point, military training for women is easier on women than it is on men. If you want Pakistan to be a completely gender neutral country, forget about a female-only bathroom at the workplace and then we’ll talk!

    جواب دیں
    • Fappy

      Junaid Jamshed is a pain in the butt. It’s his guilt biting him in the ass and forcing him to open his stupid mouth where ever he goes only to put his own foot in it, the guy is a classical hypocrite and shameless too, he openly model in ads but doesnt allow modelling for his products, doing business with credit cards very righteous get a life freak and let people live in piece.

      جواب دیں
  36. Sonia

    Good article and spot on. Maybe a link to junaids interview would make a difference since some people here think what he said was a joke.
    The guy really has twisted Gods name and judges women and men day after day acting like he is God himself. Junaid needs to humble himself before God before he starts passing verdict on who h woman will give birth to a khalid bin waleed or not! His own insecurities made him not teach his wife how to drive( as he claims himself), now he wants the rest of the world to follow( even tho the Prophet MOhammads wives rode camels in that day and age). Shameful to see so many comments here by people who support such anti islamic messages from a man who really has become a fundamentalist!

    جواب دیں
  37. Rabab Rasheed

    Your response is totally OTT! As an educated woman born and raised in London currently living in Karachi, I am not at all offended by his comments. If you look at the state of women in our society right now, then this is not a bad suggestion at all.

    جواب دیں
  38. Hope

    Hi Aima. You are probably not even reading comments anymore but I want to let you know that your article is quite well-written. I am personally very indifferent about bearded men. But I have countless examples of them being two-faced in daily life. I wont be listing them since many people here might get offended. But if anyone has depicted Islam anywhere near complex, its because of increasing mullahs.
    I was sifting through the comments here and realized that people didn’t quite understand your article. People, no doubt women of Pakistan have more control/freedom then they had a decade ago. There is less gender discrimination now. BUT never in my life have I heard that a MAN was attacked by an acid, or a MAN committing suicide because no authority bothered putting his adulterers behind the bars. Thats where we fail as a nation. Thats where a woman gets a reality check of her gender. Thats what needs to be condemned!

    I hope I clarified Aima’s article.

    جواب دیں
  39. Sagalian

    Finger to your equality !

    Simple is that that you do want to be a Muslim but do not want to be a practical one. Hazrat Khadija (RA) was not a direct merchant, their was a man who use to work for her and she just use to invest.

    get your knowledge straight. Islam is straight and simple. follow it or accept you cant follow it, don’t find a middle way by pointing fingers on anyone.

    He gave a statement in-return you guys made a joke of his beard, what better you are then (so-called-open-minded-people) ?

    جواب دیں
  40. Sawab king

    ” especially fathers made sure their daughter is able to handle everything, from paying bills, to changing a light bulb, to fixing a flat tyre.” At least I’m doing this. Not sure about the neo mullah dads these days.

    جواب دیں
  41. Tahir

    There is no further discussion when something comes in Quran and Hadis. The perfection is always within this framework. If one doesn’t know anything but to a limit should not be so judgemental.

    جواب دیں
  42. Kashif Mehmood

    To understand islamlic rules and principles, must reffer to Quran, hadith and Sirah or Rasooll Allah (S.A.W) , instead of own likeness, dis likeness and comfort.

    جواب دیں

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