The Wounded

A consignment of robots With rubber souls And seven months pre matures Tarnished her liquids And treaded her robes Of white frosts

A Story Retold

Sarosh Azeem: His tears watered the little sapling their love had grown after she had gone and manured it with ashes of memories


Forbidden was the proliferation Slow and agonizing will be detoxification Stop beach-combing to find when it was the last you smiled Greet the waiting astral diplomats to accompany you on your voyage

"The Second Unreal”

What is hidden under the deep waters of the lake from which our newly bathed souls will emerge singing a duet hitherto forbidden by the gods

Poetry of Imroz

Human beings in his poems are snared by orthodox social, political and moral dogmas and norms which in the form of traditions threaten their creativity and change them merely into stereotypes and artificial beings with lack of originality and have shattered personalities.