The establishment of a university campus in Chitral was not less than the realization of a long awaited dream of the people of the area as it provided the opportunity of higher education at their doorstep. As the long awaited dream came true in the form of Shaheed Benazir Bhuto University Chitral Campus, attention is now required from the political and social figures of the area, which are still sleeping for another dream to see or a miracle to happen.

A high rate of admissions and high percentage of female ratio (More than 70%) reflects Chitralis’ love for education. With dozens of qualified lecturers and hundreds of talented students Shaheed BB University Chitral Campus, in its second year of development still lacks its own building, hostels and transport facilities which are up till now somehow temporarily managed by the staff on personal basis.

Unfortunately the political and social figures do not take due interest in the promotion of campus. They remain awfully silent and don’t even bother to provide the necessary requirements that they can easily do like the provision of transport, hostel, library and funds etc. According to rule the land for a university campus should be provided by provincial government and the necessary construction on it is the due responsibility of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Given the dire need and demand, it is a national tragedy that such an urgent task is awaiting attention from the high ups.

—Written by: Shah Fahad Ali Khan,
Lecturer, Shaheed BB University, Chitral Campus

(Published in The Laaltain – Issue 6)

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  1. maqbool hussain

    really it is the weakness of our politician in chitral
    there is need of basic requirement hostel transport.
    we are facing a lot of problems.try to provide these basic facilities to the comming students

    جواب دیں

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