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  1. Pamela Muhammad

    Assalaam alaikum.

    I was very impressed by the article "Pakistan and Heroes”. The author presented many good points. Jazakum Allahu khairum.

    I am an American Muslima recently associated with Pakistan, having lived in Karachi this year for 3 1/2 months following the May elections. I experienced a life of seclusion for safety’s sake in a poor section on the side of the street controlled by the ANP.

    May I be so bold as to suggest another topic to be addressed in your magazine – The Pollution of the True Islam by Tribal Culture and Traditions. I was surprised to find that a man has no choice as to who he can marry, and that he may marry only who his parents allow; even if he has been married and then his wife dies. This is so much against what our Prophet pbuh taught.

    May Allah forgive us and guide us to the True Path that leads to Paradise.

    جواب دیں

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