know as you go

If you are an internet user, you must have used Google countless times. Have you ever noticed Google’s logo appearing in different design? If you have, then you probably know that it happens quite often. Sometimes we spend few minutes playing with them, like when there are those puppets who laugh if we click on them, and then the “L” eating the “G”, or when there is a guitar which starts google-doodleplaying if we move cursor over it, and sometimes they portray some historical incident or legend. These designs are called doodles. Have you ever thought whose mind is working behind these doodles? It’s not an easy job to attract people every day with a unique and attractive doodle. Actually there is a team of designers behind it who call themselves “doodlers”. Sitting in a small office in California, they brainstorm and design these doodles to divert our mind for some seconds from tiring daily routine. They say they are working as a bridge between art, technology and graphic designing. While choosing the topic of the day, they keep in mind that the topic should be amazing and amusing, whether it is art or business. These attractive doodles seem to remain part of our internet world as long as Google rules the market.

(Published in The Laaltain – Issue 6)

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