How can I contribute to The Laaltain?

Send us your articles, short stories, poetry, photography or just random thoughts (in English or Urdu) so that people all over Pakistan can hear from you. If you are sending photographs, do make sure to include captions with them. If you are unsure about the topic you would like to write about, you can send us an email with your ideas and we’ll be happy to get back to you with suggestions.

Additionally, we welcome young graphic designers who are passionate about working on innovative ideas. So spread the word and keep the submissions coming at: contribute@laaltain.com

Will I be paid in return for my contributions?

The Laaltain primarily focuses on young amateur writers who are struggling to reach a greater audience through social and print media. All the writings submitted to us are on a voluntary basis.

How can I get a copy of the latest issue of The Laaltain?

The Laaltain is available in almost all major bookshops at a minimal price, and can also be accessed from public and university libraries. To make sure you receive The Laaltain regularly, you can fill out our online Subscription Form. Electronic versions of older issues can be found in the Archive Section.

What is Khudi and how is it connected to the The Laaltain?

Khudi is a youth movement working to build awareness and support for democratic values within Pakistan. The Laaltain was established by Khudi activists as a platform through which Pakistani youth from all walks of life could communicate, share their stories and express their views in an environment of constructive debate.

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