Junaid Jamshed – our very own pop sensation turned religious personality – has been called out before for his Tableeghi Jamaat-influenced preaching but has managed to maintain a deceptively innocent and arguably moderate persona on TV for years. Whatever the reason, Junaid enjoys a warm place in viewers’ hearts as he continues to host highly commercial shows, including Ramazan transmissions, year after year.

It is only recently that I became aware of the shocking creep behind the ‘cool-maulvi’ persona that came out in one of the shows on TV, where he made highly inflammatory comments about women and how to ‘control’ them that should be regarded as outrageous by any standards.

In Nida Yasir’s show, Junaid Jamshed was heard passing judgments on women, claiming that those who watch TV soap operas and other such shows all day won’t give birth to pious children like ‘Khalid Bin Walid’.
Next, the former pop sensation and so-called heartthrob revealed how he dealt with the insecurity he felt from his wife. Admitting that his wife ‘was’ very pretty in her youth, he said he didn’t teach his wife how to drive a car fearing she might leave him.

He then uttered the golden words of wisdom for men in an already patriarchal society that should put any sane mind to shame:
[blockquote style=”2″]If any man is watching…I want to tell him that the biggest favour you can do yourself is to not teach your wife how to drive a car or a motorcycle…because if a woman makes it a habit to stay out of the house, she cannot remain at home” [/blockquote]

(Video clip of the show)

In case you didn’t know, this is misogyny 101 right here. It’s the same attitude that is threatened by women’s empowerment; the same mentality that believes in stopping women from knowing their rights; the kind of thinking that even prevents women from getting an education.

We all remember why the TTP attacked Malala, don’t we? I won’t compare savages like the TTP to the ignorant former pop sensation but the narrative is the same. And it is one that can potentially lead to violence against women. Who knows what the insecure macho men who took Junaid Bhai’s advice would do when their wives asked for rights.
The show’s presenter Nida Yasir, a prominent TV personality herself, countered the argument by asking about a situation where women were forced by circumstance to manage things themselves, including paying bills, going to the markets and running households.

To this, the wise Junaid Bhai simply said that ‘hypothetical’ scenarios should not be presented to him, adding that he doesn’t even want to answer such unlikely things. The ignorance displayed by a man of his prominence is quite astounding. I know dozens of real life examples where widows and women whose husbands left them have to deal with the harsh reality of lives all by themselves. These women are left with no choice but to work and support their households alone.

But that’s not even the point. Even if women have their husbands and other male relatives around, is this how a woman’s life is to be controlled – first by her father and brothers and then by her husband? Should society give the right to any control-freak to essentially cut the wings of the women in his house according to his own whim?
This is the very mind-set we all have to stand up against. Women are not the property of men, they never were. They are as much a person as any man. They also get their lives just once and have every right to spend it the way they want. They must have an equal chance to build their careers and independence.
We must raise our voices by calling out creeps like Junaid Bhai on this and demanding a public apology from him. We have to make it clear to such men that it’s not okay to control a woman’s life just because your petty little ego might get hurt.

Through this article, I would also urge Junaid’s wife to take matters in her own hands and learn to drive if that is what she wants. She shouldn’t need her husband’s permission for this.

And lastly, to the men who might have taken Junaid Jamshed’s advice too seriously, no relationship is worth controlling and imposing if it’s built upon trust. If you and your wife trust each other, she won’t leave you no matter how many times she goes out. On the other hand, if your relationship is not built upon trust, your jealousy and insecurity cannot keep your woman from leaving you, even if you were to keep her chained.
In case there was any doubt that Junaid Jamshed was presenting an Islamic opinion on that show, I’m afraid not. Here’s what a Sahih Hadith has to say:
[blockquote style=”2″]Abu Huraira reported Allaah’s Messenger (sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam) as saying: Good amongst the women are those who ride camels. One of them said: They are pious women of the Quraish, and the other one said: The women of the Quraish are kind to the orphans in their childhood and look after the wealth of their spouses.[/blockquote]

(Ref: Sahih Muslim, Chapter: Concerning the Merits of Women of the Quraish, Hadith number: 6137)

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  1. irshadvhr

    Creep!!We are a Nation(?) devoid of common sense. Junaid is not an exception, in fact he is a reflection of our society.He will be hailed as a competent aspirant to jannat and it will give his business a further boost.Reason and logic is subservient to dogma, and rituals devoid of spiritual or conscience awakening values, ethics and morals.This is being purveyed as a passport to heaven in the world hereafter.That takes care of any logic to the contrary.

    جواب دیں
  2. Mazhar nazeer

    there two main living manners in the world: Islamic and non islamic
    sir farhan janjua, I am sure you have never visited to a non islamic country or a non islamic living system due to which you dont know about the chalenges they are facing the biggest problem they are going to face in near future, "their population is decreasing”.why?because their women have acknoledged their rights”due to which”!they want to go outside hang out with friends and have a long drive with friends,
    pass night outside drinking alcohol, seeing cinema etc…
    and a woman can never do all these things when she has some children waiting her at home.
    their women reply”we have the equal right to enjoy the life as men”.
    2nd problem in non islamic states is that children dont respect their elders even their own fathers and when they are near 16 17 they dont want to live with their fathers
    aap ko aik waqaya sunata hun,mein kal shaam aik pakistani aadmi se mila jis ko 26 saal ho gaey spain mein rehte huey, jis ki dard bhri kahani ye thi ke uss ne aik spanish aurat se shaadi ki, uss ke bachy huey, uss ney un ko khilaya pilaya jawan kiya, ab wo bary ho gaye aur baap bhoora, ab wo girlfriend ke saath waqat guzaartey hain aur enjoy zindagi enjoy karna chahtey hain, lekin bhoorey baap ki baat sunney ka waqt nahi, aur sir aap ko bataaoon khuda ki kasam mein ney ye batein suntey huye uss ki aankhon mein dekha toh wo ro raha tha,
    uss ki sun kar mein ney uss ko kuch dilasa diya ke wo Allah ke hukam se kisi din rah-e-raast par aa jayen ge, jub Allah chahy ga aapki koshish mein rang bhar dega mein ney usey Muhammad Ali boxer ki misaal di, jo kaafir key ghar paida hua kaafiron mein jawan hua aur jab apney arooj ko tha toh Allah ka hukam hua aur kisi neik bandey ki koshishon sey uss ney kalma parh liya. mein ney uss ko koshish kartey rehne ka mashwara dia aur bhaari kadmoon ke saath agey barh gya.
    Allah aapko dunya aur iss key masloo(world and its problems) ke bary mein mazeed janny ke salahiyyat ataa farmaye.
    mein yahan problem 1 ki kuch detail share kar raha hun:

    جواب دیں
      • Mazhar nazeer

        today was thursday, and whole day I have been thinking about this post.
        yaar hum europe mein logon ko apny mashraqi system ki achaayian batatein hain, un ko fayede batatey hain. wo hum ko thokar maar detey hain, bura kehte hain, lekin hum musulmaan phir bhi apni islam ko phelaaney wali zummadaari poori kar rahy hain.
        aur hamarey apney payare watan mein kuch na samajh log apney zaati future ki khaatir mulk ki izzat daoo par laga detey hain
        I have passed 4 years comparing islamic system and non islamic system and I am deeply impressed by the preachings of my beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W). every obligation in islam is intending to save the humanity from some disaster in some way.
        see around -think-and surely you will find strong clues that will indicate Islam as the right path to be walked on.

      • Fauzia Mazhar

        so you still think that it your religious duty as a Muslim to control women in your life to the extent that don’t teach them driving? and why to give them ant education either? If you are impressed by the preachings of our beloved prophet saw, you wouldn’t be writing what you just did. Don’t you think as Muslims we are commanded to stand against injustice? Have you kt heard the hadith in which Muslims are asked to help their brethern whether they are oppressed or oppressors? How do you help a bother who is an oppressor according to this hadith? Do you remember?

      • Afran Hamid

        Not all, but a good number of Woman starts to misuse this so called "Woman Empowerment” and freedom. A woman that is near to Islam will do each and everything as per the Islamic laws and guidance, and if she starts doing that there is no need for a men to impose any restrictions on her.
        There is not even a single "Empowered” Woman these days who dresses as per the Islamic way of life. and the woman that lead their life as per Islam doesn’t need to be controlled, they are already free. Such type of Woman lead their lives as per Islam.

      • Syeda

        Ur wrong …If a woman has read Quran pak with full translation and knows her limits then driving or freedom cannot damage her emaan. And psycho men who are afraid of their wives being mislead by others ,they must be doing cheating nd deciving their wives. They are afraid of actually their own weak man inside them and feel insecure so try to make women their slaves. ..

      • Moderate person

        It doesn’t really make a difference. M living in one n yes the population is a bit of a problem in Japan. N m a fairly modern woman, I learnt to drive at the age of 14 n since then I have been asking all my cousins sisters and friends not to learn to drive. Not in our kind of society at least. In Pakistan being a working woman means dual responsibilities. Not only you have office all day long but also one is not excused from house chores. I don’t understand how no one can utter two words without people bombarding them with all kind of nasty comments and suggestions. I think you should let people b. What we really need is moderation. Extremes should always be avoided.

    • abid

      Tum kon hotay ho kisi aurat ko batanay walay kay wo kiya kar sakti hai or kiya nahi kar sakti? You think women getting their rights spoils the community? You obviously have no idea of the history of islam and how some of the most powerful people were actually women. From hazrat khadija to hazrat aisha, these women had every right a man had. For an ignorant, sexist person like you I should probably give the simplest analogy I can. Those women knew how to ride horses. Don’t tell me now that women shouldn’t be taught driving. Idiot.

      جواب دیں
    • KJ

      I cannot begin to understand why you have not crawled out of the cave you ignorantly reside in. In a world and especially a country bursting at the seams with overpopulation, family planning is not just healthy but essential. A womans right to be independent does not in any way mean she wants to Just party it up, "drinking and going to cinemas”. I have the privilege of knowing women who are successful business owners, hold positions in high ranking jobs and manage their household and children as well as any stay at home mother. You, I’m guessing are unable to chew gum and walk at the same time, so you make the assumption that the rest of the world must be as incapable.
      Take an example from the Holy Prophet. He was married to an independent successful women, who also happened to be his employer. Islamically it is every womens right to have an education, work, marry who she wants when she is of age and divorce if it comes to that. Try and read a book sometimes, preferably the Holy Book to get and idea you mysogynistic ape.
      People like yourself should not be allowed to mingle with society.

      جواب دیں
    • fa

      Mr. Mazhar — tres hypocritical? Men can live abroad, sleep around drink till 2 am and have it as a birth right cause they have a penis??? and if women are demanding their rights they need to be stopped. HARAM ka hukm SUB key liye hai…not just for the gender that covers more than half the population in the world

      جواب دیں
    • Fauzia Mazhar

      Oh please give me a break. Visit these so called non-Islamic countries once yourself and you will be ashamed of yourself. Your stereotyping of Western women as cinema going women is so primitive. Now, do you know that your ideal (or shall I say idol), Junaid Jamshed visits these so called non-Muslim countries every year and make a lot of money by appearing in front of a lot of women, many of whom actually come to listen to him on their own cars, driven by themselves.

      جواب دیں
      • zHs

        Junaid makes money by appearing in front of women, hahahaha. How much you paid him last time?

    • ali sindhi

      mazhar baboo, your english is pathetic n i don’t know what part of west you live, but i am damn sure peoples like you suck west welfare system like leeches and never , become loyal to it, suppose if our system is perfect then what the hell you’re doing there? aakar yahan maroo

      جواب دیں
    • abu bakr

      Very well said. MashaAllah. Ye moderate malala walay log qayamat k nazdek bohat fitna barpa karingay. In kutton ko malala nazar ati hai. Par lakhon masoom palestine ki bachyan nazar nahi aatin.

      جواب دیں
    • Ahmed

      I live the west & its unlike the generalisations you have made about it. I recently moved from Karachi & im in peace here, mental, social & economic.
      I go to a ‘muslim’ mosque, where muslims from all over the world comes. No one judges anyone & everyone seems to be the part despite different looks, color & dress code.
      Unlike the filthy society I lived in & where everyone judges you from the length of your clothesm beard, hair, way of talking, way of eating to just about any thing.
      When im out on the weekend, I see ‘families’ out with their children. YES I see Families. Old young, little kids hanging on to their Mom.
      WHat you have written is a myopic view from your tiny narrow pea size brain. You guys will do anything to justifies ‘personalities’
      Stop worshipping your idols & start travelling takay TUMHARAY DIMAGH KI BATI JALAY!!!!

      جواب دیں
      • mrs eqbal

        dear friend you have recently moved from karachi as you said, wait till you have lived a lifetime in the west before you go making judgements about it. there is good and bad everywhere where you will go. let the honeymoon period pass as they say.

    • Ahmed

      Where are you getting your ridiculous ideas from? I doubt you’ve actually ever visited anywhere besides the city you were born in Pakistan and you’ve probably not had any exposure to the real world outside of your own little "bubble” that you’ve build for yourself. I’m a Muslim and an America who grew up in the US and I can tell you your version of a "non Islamic” country comes exclusively from music videos and hollywood movies and with all your religious high horse stance your taking in your comment, isn’t it ironic that you watch music videos and hollywood movies and that’s where you get your version of the "outside world?” Most of my friends are non-muslims because that’s just the society I grew up in and I can tell you that compared to the Muslim families I know both in Pakistan and the US, there’s generally more love and compassion between the families, mothers and fathers and their children, in American, non-muslim families than in any "desi” family I’ve ever seen. And your wikipedia link? What is that even supposed to mean? Why did you even post that? That’s completely pointless. Even if you’re trying to make a point with it, you still fail at that since the statistic for Pakistan and the US are the same. Both the US and Pakistan have the same fertility rate so what point are you trying to make about "non-Islamic” and "Islamic” countries? Your entire comment has so many errors, false statements, and incorrect judgments in it that it’s borderline comical.

      جواب دیں
  3. Renaissance

    Another misogynist produced from the stupid Evangelical factories of Tableeghi Jumat. Europe got rid of such stupid bigots in the medieval ages but our mainstream narrative is dominated by such fools who openly holds so much discrimination and bias against women. An object that should be controlled and imprisoned behind the walls and never given any opportunity to express herself.

    جواب دیں
      • Fauzia Mazhar

        But at their own terms, not at the terms set by men. this so called love that is used to put chains on women is neither desired nor appreciated by a lot of women.

      • female freedom for the muslims!

        The most greed is within the female mind (fact) especially when you look at the needs they think they require as a replacement to want!, the chains they caste upon themselves the time no one asks a woman about anything wether coming or going is a sign of judgement in itself, if you don’t wish to be chained and not wish this as a desired state then the only safe option is not to get married but then I’m assuming you don’t do as your father would either would you,
        Relations are different in every footstep give someone an inch they will take a mile regardless male or female you can think as you wish to make yourself feel better but if the Muslim nation is suffering it’s due to the loose thinking caused by the muslims in the first place, apart from that I think it would be well to fully follow sunnah don’t ask the females anything let them please themselves as they wish but marry and have 3 wives and fulfil this sunnah also if that is what the case is

  4. zareen

    Thank you for the speaking up on this top and how such sick mentality leads to domestic violence. JJ should move to Saudi Arabia….he will fit in really well with the Arabi’s and find himself a younger wife as he doesn’t seem to find his older wife beautiful anymore!

    جواب دیں
  5. Maulana Tariq Jamil

    This is a sensitive issue, since JJ Bhai represents Tableeghi Jamaat, we need to understand the indoctrination of the organization. Tableeghi Jamaat NEVER allows its followers to study Quran and Hadith directly, none of their lectures in local masjids are beyond their famous book ‘ Fazail Aamal’ which containts tons of unverified hadith, and senseless stories standing in contradiction to the true message of Islam. Therefore, discussing a sensitive matter needs strong knowledge of the subject which is authentic. I do not agree with everything written by the author, nor do I agree everything JJ has said. So, therefore, we need to focus on what and why Islam has defined role of women, what feminists call ‘control’ is protection and support in Islam’s context, a man is responsible to take care, protect, and ensure women in his family are educated and can look after the house which includes going out when their is need. The role of man is to maintain logistics for a women who is building generations of Muslims in his house, this is the role of women that produces Khalid bin Waleed and Obaidah bin al jarrah. No other religion empowers women more than Islam does, and No other ignorant subjugates then those that do in the name of Islam.

    جواب دیں
    • irshadvhr

      Revered Maulana shb,the’ true message of Islam’ is what eludes us. Sensitive issue? Every issue in the ‘Islamic’ Republic is not only a sensitive issue, it is a dangerous issue. The economy is taking a nosedive.That is a major issue which ought to be addressed, but who can dare lay the blame for the deteriorating law and order situation on a galaxy of priest inciting hatred in the name of Islam. The politicians and army are not sacrosanct,and corruption is handy tool to lay the onus on them for all ills.
      Women or men, are they entitled to freedom of conscience? The syndrome ‘Believe as I do or God will damn you, and will presently say believe as I do or I shall kill you’ (Voltaire) has enveloped us.We have to learn from history or we will become history.

      جواب دیں
    • Pakistani Odyssey

      Haha, hilarious! Mullah sahab, Khalid bin Walid was born to a "Kafir” family and converted to Islam much later. He was already a great fighter before his acceptance of Islam, so I guess, by your logic, that shows superiority of being brought up Kafirs, right? 😉

      Pardon my French, but **** ** with your obsession with "Muslim warriors”. I wish more Muslims looked up to Muslim philosophers/scientists, their history is enriched with. At least, then, us, lesser mortals, Kafirs, will not have to worry about getting beheaded for simply being different.

      جواب دیں
    • zHs

      Dear Mr. Anti-Tableeghi Jamaat, you are so much ashamed of using your own name when posting. Your objective is to abuse others and sitting all the time and spreading hate around the world. Thats what I see you.

      جواب دیں
  6. Saad Hayat

    JJ. A shameless, hypocrite, double-standard and hidden person. Fooling and wrongly guiding the already confused, complexed and illiterate society. Disgrace!

    جواب دیں
  7. shariq

    mujhay afsos hai k nida yasir nay sawal ghalat ki sawal asal main yeh tha k jub junaid bhai app allah ki rah main niklay hotay hain 40 din 3 din 4 months aur sal etc k lia tub app ki wife kia karti hain coz tablighi tarteeb main to app ki begum sahab har waqt main sath nahi hoti aut phir rahi baat spainish story ki toh janab islam main main nay kahin joint family system ki representation nahi milti jo silsila yeh molvi ahbab bayan kartay hain aj k daur main kisi tara say bhi possible nahi hai janab saal k lia ghar say bahir hon 3 months tak bijli ka bill nahi bahara gaya to bijli say begum sahab mehroom ho jain gi app saal k doran ghar wapis bhi nahi aa saktay aur janab agar jj sahab ki begum ko raiwind nusrat k lia ana ho tub kia ho ga silsila so logically aisa possible nahi hai main toh jj sahab ki jamat ki tamam inside activities ko mukamal complications k sath janta hu so isi lia keh raha hu k janab jj sahab taqwa achi baat hai magar yeh bhi sochnay ki baat hai k waqt aur halat k badalnay par fatwa bhi badal jata hai

    جواب دیں
  8. sk

    Its v unfortunate that we have idiots like u living in today’ times.. M not even gonna bother with an explanation.. Allah aapko hidiat de aur Allah ke bandoun ke baray mein samajh de Ameen

    جواب دیں
  9. Akshaf

    This is all wrong written!
    I agree to junaid’s point that an unborn child in her mother womb when mother is watching TV listening to music that child when born has not the personality and thought that we the 90’s kids have!
    havent u seen todays children are so sharp and restless and they misbehave and start reciting songs instead of quran pak!

    this is wrong, very wrong!

    جواب دیں
    • Fauzia Mazhar

      So how the lifestyle of fathers affect the unborn (or born) children? And by the way I am a 60’s kid and I still listened to the music and watched tv, had four children, raised them and now have two grandchildren. Each coming generation is sharper than the one before not because their mothers listen to music or watch tv, but because the times have changed.

      جواب دیں
  10. Faraz

    I once attended a fund raising event in which JJ was invited to read nasheeds. When he was on stage, a 2 or 3 year old was constantly trying to get on stage and JJ lost it and yelled in the mic "Kis ka bacha hai yeh.. le jayen iss ko yahan se warna mai baat nahin kerta. Apne bacho ko sambhala kerain” and when the father came forward to pic the kid, ye yelled again at him with unnecessary rudeness. I lost the respect right there. When you are at that position and people follow you, you should be more careful about what you say and do.

    جواب دیں
  11. Hamza

    I believe, Junaid Jamshed presented his idea in a wrong way. I believe women AND men, both should be allowed to carry out their daily activities in a way defined by the laws of the Shariah, not some society. Our people are getting really good at always pointing out the negative side to an argument. We need to understand the times we are living in. No one knows about their religion. The only blessing that we have is that we have our commandments i.e. the Quran, intact. Otherwise we were as lost as any other nation.

    All I am saying is, try to understand your religion and do what our religion asks us to do. We were given a complete code of life, but its sad to see people (both men & women) trying to imitate the very habits and living style our Prophet (S.A.W) asked us to give up. No wonder "muslims” are suffering everywhere. Stop this nonsense. Come back to the rules and regulations given in our religion. Not to the rules and regulations defined by a society. There is no such thing as a society. People, on the day of judgement, won’t be referred according to their societies.

    Hope some people will try to get the message I am trying to give here.


    جواب دیں
  12. Rizwan

    Who the hell he is talking about how women should live and why such inane people are being heard…Sick Mullah!!

    جواب دیں
  13. Henna

    This blog coming from a man really makes us women hopeful that there are sane men out there too. Bravo for writing this.

    جواب دیں
  14. Madeeha

    I have few points here. Firstly, they way you people perceived JJ is very wrong. everyone has their own beliefs if you people will get a chance to preach you will surely preach what you believe and not what others, same thing Junaid did. This is how he thinks. Please everyone learn to respect others beliefs 🙁
    This is very disappointing how you start judging people according to your mentality and in the end you blame pakistan and islam, May Allah help us all

    جواب دیں
  15. Tabinda

    Im sorry but the article is quite baseless! i being a woman see nothing wrong in what he has stated. it is his opinion & choice. Why should anyone judge or comment on it?! the fact that his wife doesnt wear hijab, says it all about him being non controlling!

    جواب دیں
    • Fauzia Mazhar

      It becomes a problem when you are actually saying that my opinion should be followed by others and you are labelling it as religious. He never said that this is his choice and he understands that other people may choose differently. And please tell me if my opinion and choice is that Tabinda should not be allowed on this forum or go get en education, do I have the RIGHT to impose it on you? And lastly, a woman wearing a hijab or not should have nothing to do with men in her life. It is her decision and it can go both ways.

      جواب دیں
      • umj

        Fauzia! Appreciate your efforts in knocking sense into this don’t-know-what-to-say lot. My hope is one day "Goras” from the "non-Islamic” societies will iteratively reach upon the golden rules of Quran. Robust alliances, focus on science and technology, education, wondering about the universe (foremost assertion of quran beside Salat), societal values, dealing fairly, identification with the state, individual liberty…. o wait! they are almost there!!! 🙂 but in the meanwhile we have got "FAITH”….. this tantamounts to , coincidently, a phrase from an indian "cinema” flick, "Meray pass Maan hai” :p Don’t worry you guys! I believe the goras will soon have the metaphoric "maan” as well and you wont have Jack Shit.

      • A shah

        Fauzia mazhar u r awesome! Thank you for being so rational and so sensible. Unfortunately your counsel falls on deaf ears. I’m amazed that this irresponsible goon, with the power to influence so many people, is being defended by women. Heart breaking.

      • Ezio Auditore

        for hijab, It’s her decision only if she refuses to accept man as head of family and this is the problem here. U ladies today are not willing to accept men as head of the family and wants to do whatever u want to and this is the core reason for such high rates of divorces we have today, especially in Western countries…

      • Surryia

        You must interview at least 100 massies(nlady servants) who do think that their husbands are the head of the house and second head of the house is their mother in law. Are they living a life which she should live under a Muslim husband( Momin husband) I have interviewd nearly hundred massies ( house servants) whose husband and mother in law snatch their hard earned earnings and keep them as a servant for their mothers. Did Prophet Mohammad PBUH took care of his wives like this? Is it Sunnah of our beloved prophet

      • female freedom for the muslims!

        Dream on you don’t even know what your saying! So are we saying that Hijab is a recommendation an d not essential :-)?
        Why waste time on non educated individuals!!
        We would at least you to have basic knowledge of Islam it seems you have your own version that you have cherry picked!!

  16. Abeer

    Lol. I thought this article is an outrage by a woman. What a gross blowing out of proportion focus on something said irresponsibly by another human being. This is EXACTLY our dilemma. Had we put in as much effort in understanding Quran and Hadith, we would not be raising hateful petitions against a man who chose the path of God. Leave him be. He’s just a public figure, not a scholar. You can have differing views on life but that doesn’t make you any better by belittling his. Those are his personal views, which he has a right to believe in. You don’t agree? No problem, don’t agree and move on amicably. Surely, calling someone a creep because of their views on life makes you a narrow minded, judgemental creep yourself. Ours is the mentality of witch hunters. By all means, spread the good word, but Allah ka wasta hai do it NICELY, not through hateful bashing.

    جواب دیں
  17. Sana

    Please stop writing these nonsense articles and spreading hatred between muslims…we have more important things to do to help our dying brothers and sisters in Palestine,Egypt and Syria.Stand up as one Muslim Nation.
    "Allah ki rasi ko mazbooti say thamlo aur tafriqay may na paro”

    جواب دیں
    • Mr.H

      Nonsense articles? This is funny coming for a female (if Sana is your name). You’re fine with sitting at home being denied your rights?

      This has got nothing to do with spreading hatred between Muslims, it is because of men like JJ and women like you that such ideology even exists.

      Sabne apni pasand ki rassi ko Allah (swt) ki rassi samjha hua hai.

      جواب دیں
      • Sana

        Salam(peace) Mr.H. I have right to express my views and if u like it, i will appreciate it and if not then its your loss.It does not befit me to judge anyone by thier comments and start fighting.

    • irshadvhr

      ‘MUSLIMS’ that’s what we ought to focus on.’Allah ki rasi………….tafriqay may na paro.’ is a message to mankind.The Quran is a message that says,’For you were enemies
      And he joined your hearts
      In love, so that by His grace
      Ye became brethren.’
      According to Iqbal,”So long as men do not demonstrate by their action that they believe that the whole world is the the family of God…….The beautiful ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity will never materialize.”
      Human rights is accepted as a moral principle in today’s perspective. Bigotry is shunned even by idol worshipers as an impediment and a blight. Surely we ought to have a narrative that has a universal appeal in consonance with the Quran.

      جواب دیں
    • zHs

      Sana, you are write but Farhan Janjua sab has something personal with Junaid, I guess. Or may be because of different sect.

      جواب دیں
  18. green and

    I wish such articles would be written in Urdu/Sindhi/baluchi as well and circulated widely.

    And to the idiots fearing women will become like those of the west and far from Islam. Please do your research. Please also look at the current situation in Pakistan.

    جواب دیں
  19. Arif Jaffari

    wasted my time watching junaid jamshed…
    he has no answer for the questions he dislikes, just like any other molvi

    جواب دیں
  20. Abid Time to Confess

    As a society we are corrupt and have double standards. When a boy hangs out, we proudly say, poondi kar rahay hain. When a girl hangs out, boys say, Larki ka character kharab hay. We boys can do khujli/Kharish on private parts in public, but we say baysharam n and ill mannered if a girl itches even under arms.

    When a boy has an affair with a girl, friends say, mazay kar mazay kar. And when a girl is in an affair, we say she is a whore.

    We,boys, will never keep our gaze down but expect girls to keep their gaze down.

    We will never miss an opportunity to see any angle of a hot or even a normal girl and going to enjoy. But apni wali ko cover karnay ka kahaingay.

    And list goes on.

    So ladies and gentlemen, keep things simple. Islam is not a hard religion to follow. Dont make it difficult for yourself. Focus on main things like, honesty, haqooqul ibad, tolerance, truthfulness, justice, balance of life, Sharam/Haya, merit. This issue mentioned in the article is important too, but I think we need not to entirely focus on this.

    I will conclude with this

    Islam mai Daarhi(Beard) hay, Daarhi mai Islam nahi.

    So same goes for all secondary issues we discuss and waste so much time on them.

    جواب دیں
  21. Rabeea Aman

    before jumping to conclusions and taking out what we think is being said — i suppose a little insight on the context would be nice ….
    the fact is things vary from people to people .. and there are people on whom this allegation would fit perfectly ….
    you apply these things in your life and maybe that might help with getting the facts straight …
    just because its being said by a religious scholar doesnt make it wrong or out of the way …
    come on … we gotta grow up and get out of these childish take on things , ofcourse what kind of kids would a women raise if shes just involved in watching TV and sleeping all day — its general talk … not a generalized conclusion !
    Peace !
    *my opinion about junaid jamshed is unbiased … as im not his follower , i dont listen much to him — its only on the basis of the article written

    جواب دیں
  22. Ezio Auditore

    "And lastly, to the men who might have taken Junaid Jamshed’s advice too seriously, no relationship is worth controlling and imposing if it’s built upon trust. If you and your wife trust each other, she won’t leave you no matter how many times she goes out. On the other hand, if your relationship is not built upon trust, your jealousy and insecurity cannot keep your woman from leaving you, even if you were to keep her chained.”

    Agreed that trust is important. But what if man is not letting his wife to drive or go out because he believe that the particular outside environment is not safe for her. should even then woman "make her own choice” and go out by disregarding her husband’s order? Whom she’s gonna call first (other then the police) if something happens to her outside? Her man Right?.Isn’t it good to obey him in the first place and avoid all the problems to take place at all?.

    جواب دیں
  23. ehtesham ahmed

    Farhan Janjua. Salam. Hope you are well. Dear Brother. Just to say a few things. The matter is required to be researched rather than acted upon by comments of junaid jamshaid. While men and women are equal, men are given ‘dominance’ over women and the roles of both are different like the women also have to say salat as men but they get equal ajar while praying at home while the men are guided to go out and say salat with jamat. Why is that the most important thing that Allah has asked us to do is not encouraging women to go out for that? Having said that a lot needs to be researched and understood in light with the Quran and hadith overall to make ones statement. I hope that you go out and read all the contexts and then post maybe after few months and then write a post from your research. Thanks. I hope you are not offended by anything that I have said. Salamti ho ap par Allah ki. Allah Hafiz

    جواب دیں
  24. iman ali

    Oh god pakistanio kisi ko to maaf kr dya kro…itnay pious or nobel insan k baray me aisay scandals jin ka na sar h na paoun..how cheap we r…us azeem insan ki zindagi hmaray liye roshan misal h or hm is pe keechr uchal rhy hn rubbish.

    جواب دیں
  25. Awaad Abdul Ahad Khan

    🙂 I don’t know what to say……everyone is so insecure. I find the article very funny and the replies even more. In all this the only thing that comes to mind are the words of The Prophet (SAW) "This world is an illusion”

    جواب دیں
  26. Zeeshan

    A true reflection of conservative mentality.
    Islam grants equal rights to both men and women. However, exercising these rights in an illegitimate manner and stepping outside the boundaries of Islam is not acceptable in any case.

    جواب دیں
  27. Kamran Khan

    For some, progress is synonym with gender equality. Where as Allah (SWT) says in the Quran that we have given men superiority over women. Everyone here please do a little research on Khudi Pakistan and Laltain background and you’ll understand that these so called progressive and open minded groups are doing social engineering to get rid of Islamic values. They would thrash out anyone who is pro islamic. They create confusion. stay away from them.

    جواب دیں
  28. Firdausi

    People like Farhan Janjua are one of the major cause of society decadence who do not wish to go through the study of Quran and Sunnah and rather choose to write such baseless and full of ignorane filled articles causing fitnah. This article is a solid example of how the ‘Fitnah of words’ causes more damage than the ‘Fitnah of the swords OR physical Weapons’.

    The growing number of people like Farhan Janjua "types” are causing more and more wrath from Allah swt befall on us muslim countries!!!

    جواب دیں
    • Irshad Ahmed Vohra (@irshadvhr)

      Fitna is not caused by Farhan Janjua, it is the result of in Hali’s words, Tassub ko juzbe Din samjhe hain hum
      Jahanum ko khulde bare samjhe hain hum
      Hali wrote the Mussadas at a time of great calamity that the Muslims of India faced due to ignorance and bigotry.
      The malaise that we suffer from remains dormant, and rises to create,internal dissension and anarchy.to the delight of our foe.
      There are 72 sects of Islam and if we make religion a business of the state,contrary to Jinnah’s vision,terrorism will engulf us.
      The stalwart of the Pakistan movement,H,S Surhawardy had warned as follows.”That these lawless elements that may be turned today against non-Muslims will be turned later on, once those fratricidal tendencies have been aroused against the Muslim gentry itself.I want you to be warned in time, you think you will get away with it, but in that state there will be no commerce, no business and no trade.”
      For those who harp on the Army’s role in promoting extremism the words of Ayub Khan are,’A ignorant, priest ridden society in the age of science and reason, can hardly survive.’
      A Nation based on the Islamic values of Liberty ,Fraternity and Equality is the panacea or else Allah Hafiz..

      جواب دیں
  29. sajid jadoon

    no one should worry bcs he is not scholar neither traditional nor progressive.both of them have divergent views

    جواب دیں
    • Amyda

      True, but millions of people follow his every word anyway.
      Hopefully people use their brain and realize that a person who can’t confront the fact that there’s tons of widows who must run their own house is probably not someone worth listening to.

      جواب دیں
    • Amyda

      True, but millions of people follow his every word anyway.
      Hopefully people use their brain and realize that a person who can’t confront the *fact* (not hypothetical situation) that there’s tons of widows who must run their own house is probably not someone worth listening to.

      جواب دیں
  30. alana Mashood

    Women should be free to do ……
    then in 2025 we should discuss in these lines..

    The Health Survey for England found that men reported having 9.3 different partners on average, with a quarter of men boasting of more than 10 conquests.

    However a third of those questioned admitted they were only estimating the number of notches on their bedposts.

    By contrast, women had a mean average of 4.7 sexual partners in their lives so far, with a quarter having just one. They were more likely to be certain of the number of lovers they had had.

    “More women than men reported having sexual intercourse with only one partner of the opposite sex in their lifetime (24 per cent of women compared with 17 per cent of men), and conversely more men than women reported having sexual intercourse with 10 or more partners of the opposite sex (27 per cent of men and 13 per cent of women).”

    Among older women, monogamy was even more common with 40 per cent of those aged between 55 and 69 saying they had only ever had one sexual partner.

    جواب دیں
  31. hafsa nazeer

    even at the time of the Holy prophet, the women werent deprived of their rights. Hazrat khadija, herslef was a merchant, hazrat zainab used to trade stuff too. During the time of the battle of jamal, hazrat aisha went to WAR, didnt she? then how can he even say that women shouldnt be allowed to drive and go outside. this is totally outrageous. Islam is a beautiful religion, not some ground for extremist men to confine their wives at home.
    besides, JJ should be the last person saying that, since he is the one who is running fancy boutiques for women. If he is so averse to the idea of women leaving their houses then why did he make such boutiques in the first place?
    That is sheer hypocrisy.
    Yes, Islam definitely have some rules and regulations for women but Islam has never refrained them from going outside or driving or anything like that. Besides, if he thinks that his wife would have never returned home if she knew how to drive then it clearly shows that she isnt happy with him, otherwise WHY would a wife leave his husband? My mother drives, she pays the bills, goes for shopping, picks and drops us to school etc cause my dad is a really busy guy. She learnt to drive some 5 years ago and apparently she never LEFT my dad. you know why? cause she doesnt needs to! Giving exposure to women is not haram, its their right given to them by islam and by the HR.
    Extremists like him make people so averse to Islam.

    جواب دیں
  32. rania najmi

    Mr. Junaid totally wrong in his statement and ppl supporting his words are narrow minded …. A woman has brains as much as man has, she should live in moderation, no man can control her no matter what he does, I have seen women who don’t know driving but still doing wrong things behind their husbands back in their own home…… It is just about the nurture and how A person was brought up, not just for women but for men also, knowing ur responsibility and not crossing your limits is important for both men and women equally, women are not goats that u prison them in the house n make them do ur work like a servant n not giving them a life! And the last thing I want to say is that Mr. junaid jamshaid! If u have such opinions about women then close down ur J. Shops please because u r making money from woman who r mostly empowered and confident to shop by themselves , how r u going against your thoughts…..

    جواب دیں
  33. Bint e Siddique

    Dunya mae is wqt jitny muslman doctors, engineers r scientists hain pahlay kbi bhi nahi ty lakin phr bhi hum zawal ka shikar hain. Orat ki asal jagah uska ghar hae or usy chahye k wo wahin rahay or bila zarorat ghar sy bahir na niklay. Hm sb Hazoor S,A.W.W k jan nisar hony ka to bohat dawa krty hn mgr unki batai hoi baton mae amal nahi krty hn. Mae khod 1 orat hon and mae bhi pahlay asi hi zindagi guzar rahi ti. Allah ka karam hae us ny mjy wo rasta dikhaya jo sae hae. Aj dunya mae orat insecurity ka shikar hae, roz rape cases report hoty hn…yeh so called orat ki azadi k parvany dar haqeqat usy izat nahi dy skty bs usy 1 show piece samjhty hn. orataian apny faiday k lie, apni favour wali ahadees suna dti hn r mard apni. Junaid Jamshed sb ki is bat py itna wawila krny sy kisi ko bhi kuch hasil nahi hona hae. hm sb yahan articles r speech dny k bd bhool hjyn gyn bs 1 bat yad rakhain gy k mae ny maza chikha dia hae aj. Allah hum sbko hidayat dy.

    جواب دیں
    • irshadvhr

      Religion is a private affair.Every one is free to follow and preach his version of righteousness, but it should not be imposed.
      Law and order is the business of the state, enforcing religious dictates is not.’Zawal’ is the result of bigotry, and has always been so.The separation of East Pakistan is a glaring example.
      The 10% non-Muslims have been reduced to 3%,the Qadianis and Shias are being targetted.’ Insecurity ka shikar orat he nahin’ hum sab hain.JJ bhai’s tableegh has sincerity and honesty,and he has abdicated a life of fun and frolic to pursue it. The religious frenzy to impose your views on all and sundry and cajoling the Govt. and state machinery to be a accessory in this dubious enterprise is the crux of the problem.
      ‘Hindus shall cease to be Hindus and Muslims shall cease to be Muslims, not in the religious sense but in the political sense as citizens of the state.’ so said Mr. Jinnah.If we want to salvage the sinking ship, we had better pay heed to these words.

      جواب دیں
  34. Ahmad Mahmood

    To the person who has written this nonsense and biased article and all those who have attacked JJ and Tableeghi Jamat. Kindly watch the whole interview. This hate wont do you any good.

    جواب دیں
  35. sara

    duniya ka sab sai bada jahil insaan kaun Junaid jamshed gadhoon ki kami nahi ya rab eik dhondoo to junaid jamshed jaisay hazaar miltain hain gadha

    جواب دیں
  36. Saad BM

    now this is wat the society terms as abuse of freedom of speech
    every one has the right to have their opinion and stand by it and the fact that the guy has a huge fan following cannot be denied but extracting out a point and not looking at the whole scenario is plain injustice to Mr Jamshed, however people like the blogger tries to cash in the fame of the personality by bringing up the false propaganda against the noble man should think once again about the teachings that our Prophet and Our Religion has to offer.
    central Idea of a Hadees Of the Holy Propher SAWW is that the best place for a women to be is her house
    keeping the above quote in mind the idea behind wat Mr. jamshed said in the clip is something that all of us should accept because denying the fact wud be denying the Hadees (NaAozubillah), the clip however doesnt refrain a women from having her rights or caging them but we know the society very well and in the current scenario i wud not allow any of my female acquaintances or relatives or any female who is realted to me one way or the other to travel alone because this society is full of vultures who keeps an evil eye for women
    Men are responsible to protect women not take their dignity away
    it is because of women not being in the house but roaming around the city that there are fitnas of Pre Marriage sex, abortions, extra marital affairs, divorces etc are increasing every day. compare the stats from previous years wen the women employed ratio to men was 1:10 back in 2002 to 5:10 in 2013 all of the above mentioned fitnas have experienced a rapid rise give it a thought, all those acts mentioned above are either haraam or discouraged by our religion
    if u still support the negative propaganda well then i hope the Great Lord gives u guidance and helps u come on the right path and later be a momin
    Assalaam O Alikum Warehmatullah E Wabarakato

    جواب دیں
  37. KK

    Respect to JJ. He is a human and can make his judgement sometimes wrong. At least he is thinking about woman rights. Need to review all his opinion unbiased, but before that you must review yourself.

    جواب دیں
  38. Adnan Iqbal

    JJ is good person. I don’t understand why people are looking perfect people as perfect is only Allah. We all have faults. At least jj asking people for Islam. I will asked author to put positive side as well about JJ.

    جواب دیں
  39. mustafa

    Assalam alaikum,
    first of all when you are blaming someone,watch your self also,you have used a word CREEP,why?and second you used MOULVI,in a insulting way,this attitude of yours seems to me that you or may your parents didnt teach you any islamic studies or culture,because you must know that MOULANA are the our islamic leaders and our nabi (saw)also like them very much,and you have said him CREEP,you know he has a beared face with nabi sunnah,you directly insulted nabi sunnah,and third that what ever he said about women is right,in that sense that a woman without islamic knowledge may lead to social desaster,because she dont have islamic know how,but if she has it then she desreved to drive and go outside,
    so MR.AUTHOR,you better be careful on commeting on islam and on islamic people,if you dont have knowledge of islam then please take some,before its too late,when you will meet your creater after death what will you tell him if he asks you about insulting his favourite people or its nabi sunnah.
    please think about it

    جواب دیں
  40. Anis Siddiqi

    I will take a different view of the statement made by JJ. When he says that if a women chooses to remain out of her home, for whatever reasons, which the anchor elaborated but was refuted on flimsy ground more than once, that such a women would not be able to give birth to alikes of Khalid Bin Waleed. Absolute absurdity. While respecting Khalid Bin Waleed’s mothers for being a mother, as any mother is worth the praise, it was not Khalod Bin Waleed’s mother but it was the teaching, the persona and the examples of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that made Khalid Bin Waleed what he is known for. And we, as Muslims, also believe that the ‘hidayat’ comes only from God and after him through HIs Prophet (PBUH) and is certainly not by birth. Hidayat by birth is a Jewish concept and that is why there is no conversion in Judaism. In Islam, even the most staunch enemy of Islam gets the blessings if he simply converts. Where does lie the lineage in that case. The case of Umar Khattab (May Allah be Pleased with him) is a good example in this regard.

    And, one thing that always confuses me is that why a bearded maulvi has to grow his tummy to appear ‘respectable’, if there is ant respectability at all? A person we know as JJ who was slim, smart and good looking, did not have to deshape himself to be what he thinks he should be.

    Finally read this carefully.

    When Junaid Jamshaid sang ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ he almost made every body, almost, almost, forget the national anthem as this song of his ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ became and alternate to the national anthem and glorified Pakistan so much all around the WOrld that many nationals who were friendly with Pakistan sang it on their media. My tribute to that Junaid Jamshaid as he was serving the people, showing them the way, instilling nationalism among young people, portraying Pakistan as a forward looking progressive society. He earned every one’s praise and every one’s love. That was simply Islamic as it unified that nation. He, then served ‘ALL OTHERS’, not himself.

    Unfortunately, Mr. JJ is now simply serving him and him alone as he thinks, he is on the right path by serving himself alone. What a pity! God gives a you place to lead a nation and you choose to lead ‘yourself’ alone.

    Mr. JJ: it is time for you to ponder. Come back to the right path. You do not need to be a drug addict or a sinner to sing for touching the hearts of millions.

    جواب دیں
  41. Bivrag

    dear,Farhan Janjua it is request to you please dont call yourself a Muslim. there are thousands of ideologies or codes of life to lead a beautiful life. Islam is a Deen which provides us complete way to spend our life. we are not confined in limits given by a man but by God Who well planed our lives. your stand is not clear because you are supporting European view in the guise of socialism. thus, first come out with strong stand/side then argue. By Bivrag Baloch

    جواب دیں
  42. Sara

    Mr Mazhar i didnt read the rest of your comment coz i felt it necessary to stop n tell u…Muhammad Ali wasnt born in a kaafir gharana. Plz other than reading things simplified on Wikipedia also read the Quran fro once in translation….Ahl-e-kitaab are not kafir…aata jaata kuch hai nahi zaahir hai europeans ne thhokerr maarni hai aisee tableegh ko! I request u to plz stop preaching and spoil the image of muslims…ghar bethain and dont drive even! kaheen aap kaafir na kehlaayein!

    جواب دیں

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