A group of students associated with Khudi Pakistan conducted a survey to find out student’s perceptions about the root cause of social evils in Pakistan. Under the guidance of Prof. Jalil butt, one hundred students from different disciplines of five educational institutions including Comsats,HI – Career Comers College, Imamia degree college, DIPS, and Johar Post Graduate College Sahiwal were questioned about their perceptions. The findings of the survey identified the problems of bad governance, misuse of powers, unemployment, lack of youth policy, misinterpretation of religious thought, lack of political education and poverty.  The relative percentage of opinion about these problems is given under:

  1. Bad governance      40%
  2. Corruptions     10%
  3. Illiteracy     5%
  4. Intolerance      8%
  5. Lack of political education     6%
  6. Lack of youth policy     5%
  7. Misinterpretation of religious thought     7%
  8. Misuse of powers     3%
  9. Over population     3%
  10. Poverty     8%  
  11. Unemployment     5%

Survey reveals that the majority of the respondents think that bad governance is the root cause of all social problems in Pakistani society. Hence the research team recommends initiating some advocacy action about voters’ awareness, political education, and promotion of literature on good governance and democracy.


—Written by Danish Jalil

(Published in The Laaltain – Issue 6)

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