Annam Lodhi


As the final announcement of Nobel Peace Prize comes near, Malala Yousafzai is once again among the top trends in Pakistan. Despite all the attempts to discredit her, she still retains global acceptance and following. Having already received some of the most prestigious awards in the world, she will remain in the news for days to come.
On her 16th birthday she got the honour to talk in front of the UN, She is the Harvard Humanitarian of the Year 2013.

Ambassador of Conscience Award

Malala as a Global Citizen

An inspiration for worldwide education for girls

Malala’s Autobiography: You will soon get to read her journey in her own words

So now she is a girl to reckon with, while the world takes every moment to praise her, Pakistan is (like always) following the opposite route.

Her future plans aren’t a treat for many

There are others standing with her more sensibly

The conspiracies never rest

We are always surrounded by our shadows

Happiness does not come easy to us – does it?

It is quite apparent now; she is more than a symbol. She is actively working to promote the cause of education and have abundant resolve and support to continue. Pakistanis have to live with this fact. It would be better if they start taking pride in her. After all she is Pakistani and she risked her life for fellow Pakistanis.
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