By Umer Orakzai

KPK is suffering from worst kind of terrorism; there is a bomb blast every other day. Recently a group of concerned students at the University of the Peshawar along with some civil society members called a meeting.The objective was to take some step for helping the victims of terrorism. After a brainstorming, they agreed to run a blood donation campaign. Accordingly the students arranged blood for dozens of victims of terrorism.

Apart from that, students of Peshawar University and Khyber Medical University have also arranged a medical camp last month which provided free medical aid to internally displaced persons (IDPs).This aid took care of two camps of IDPs; one was Jalozai IDPs camp in which the IDPs of Khyber Agency are staying and the second one was Hangu IDPs camp in which the IDPs of Orakzai Agency are staying. Their next target is Durrani IDPs camp located in Kurram Agency.

These initiatives are worth following precedents for students all over the country.


(Published in The Laaltain – Issue 7)

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