Issue 20 – Laaltain

The 20th edition of Khudi’s bilingual youth magazine The Laaltain is now available in print edition and online. This issue features an interview with famous young musician Asrar, reports, articles and opi...

Issue 16 – Laaltain

The 16th edition of Khudi’s bilingual youth magazine is now available online. This issue features reports and articles about dialogue with Taliban, Balochistan, rise in volatile substance abuse among youngsters, book reviews, poetry, campus talks and much more.

Issue 14 – Laaltain

This issue features reports and articles about Islami Jamiat-e-Talba's recent protests in Punjab University, a fictional diary of a Pakistani soldier based on real events during the war from 3rd December to 16th December 1971 in Bangladesh, conflicts related to drone attacks, critical analysis of Pakistani media as an industry and much more.

Issue 11-Laaltain

This issue features articles on Malala’s UN address, Burka Avenger, terrorism during holy months, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, faith and the right to free speech, and much more. The issue also includes a new section entitled 'Youth Yells’.

Issue 9 – Laaltain

This issue features articles on the general elections, civic education, Talibanisation in the light of Pashtoonwali, political activism, the life story of an ex-jihadi, the fashion industry of Pakistan and much more. The Laaltain also interviews Abdul Mannan Butt, the lead actor of ‘Kaptaan’.

Issue 8 – Laaltain

This edition of The Laaltain features articles on Central Superior Services (CSS) of Pakistan, police torture, perspectives of Western Muslims, religious intolerance, the Objectives Resolution, social media trends in Pakistan and much more.